Sunday, July 27, 2008

Cabo Azul--Cabo, Mexico--2008

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We just got back from Cabo. Once we got out of the airport "time share" adventure, our vacation was a blast. We stayed just north of Cabo San Lucas in the town of Cabo Del San Jose. San Jose is a little more quaint than San Lucas, however, both towns are definitely worth seeing. The resort we were staying at was beautiful. Five star with all the amenities...however it wasn't as family friendly as I would have liked. For example, out by the pool, was a lot of polished limestone or travertine. It looked beautiful, but Matt had a couple of falls. I even saw a few adults slip on these areas. The inside was beautiful too. However, the all white couch's and polished travertine was not the most family friendly. Anyway, it was a beautiful room.

We spent most of our time at the pool, however we took a couple of day trips. We rented a car and traveled north on a small two lane highway through the desert to a small town called Buena Vista. Here there were no waves, so the kids had a blast swimming with the fish. We thought we'd get some lunch since it was a little after 11:30. Since this is a fishing village, lunch is not served until after 1:30 and you needed a reservation. It seemed strange at the time since there was not a sole on the beach or at the resort. Any we decided to move on to our second destination...Cabo Pulmo. Pulmo is South of Buena Vista. There are not a whole lot of signs in this area, so you have to go on your instinct, what you can translate from the locals, and your map. We ended up heading down a single lane dirt probably would have got us there...but it didn't feel right.

We ended up backing tracking and getting on another road. Everything seemed right until we ran into another dirt road. This one was a two way road and there were some cars coming the other way. We figured we must be on the right track??? However, there were no signs, so we still didn't know if we were even heading in the right direction...finally we arrived some 10-15 miles later. Pulmo was worth it though. It was a National Marine Reserve that had all the views you would expect from this beautiful untouched area. It probably looked just like it did 100's of years ago.

We also took some shorter trips into San Jose (above) where we had great food and great sunsets. This was taken from Shooter's overlooking the town. This was a great place to get some good Mexican food as well as some kid friendly hamburgers.

We also took a water taxi from Cabo San Lucas out to see the famous arch and Lover's Beach. We stayed at the beach and had a blast. While the boys were playing in the small surf, and Stef was watching Matt, I swam around a small point to small cave. It was fun to see the cave up close. At least I got a little exercise.

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Anyway, it's back to real to you soon. Jack

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