Sunday, August 17, 2008

Mini Vacation to Laramie, Wyoming

It was time to show the boys our 40 acres in Laramie, Wyoming. They've been asking about it for so long. We got into Denver, rented a car, and headed off to Laramie. We got in about 9p local time. We had been traveling all day, so we all hit the hay. That morning we got breakfast and headed off to see our ranch. Yes, right now, it's just wide open ranch land, but someday we plan to build on it. We jumped in our rented jeep and journeyed the 20 minutes to the property. The boys loved running around checking everything out. We spent a few hours there, before our planned meeting with one of my storm chasing partners (Paul) and his girl friend. Paul wanted to see the land, so he followed me to our destination. After the ranch, Paul promised the boys he would take them fishing.

We grabbed his equipment and went fishing along the Laramie river that runs right through town. This was the boys first try at fishing. I thought they would be bored after the first hour. But, they couldn't get enough. Zack caught his first fish that day. I had to pull the plug on our fishing expedition about 4 hours later. They just couldn't get enough fishing. Paul thinks they have fishing in their blood. The next morning was a busy one. After breakfast, we visited the beautiful University Of Wyoming campus. It was truly a site to see. We had planned to go fishing again with Paul before he left. Once again, we met up at the river and fished for while. Zack caught 2 more fish(rainbow and brown trout.) They were not big enough to keep, but they really enjoyed the excitement. Since we didn't have any sun lotion, and it was almost mid-day, we decided to get out of the sun. We said good bye to Paul and got in the car headed on long driving loop around the County. We headed up to the ski resort area of Centennial. Before reaching Centennial, we stopped at one of the Overland Trail Markers. These markers help settlers get across the plains before the Trans Continental Railroad was built. This was some of the prettiest areas I have seen. Once in the mountains, there were plenty of rivers and lakes to fish in. We fished for about 15 minutes at two lakes at 12,000 feet of elevation. The wind was blowing and it was pretty cold. We tried our luck at some more fishing for a while, but then decided to move on to the rest of our adventure. We headed down the other side of the mountain towards Saratoga, where they have the natural hot springs. We witnesses a lot of the Wyoming countryside, which as you can imagine was green, open and very hilly. We all really wanted to see the dinosaur museum at Como Bluffs. Como Bluffs is a National site that claims to have one of the largest dinosaur grave yards in the world. It also has a house made out of dinosaur bones. (Believe it or not) When we got out there, 1.5 hours later, we found the site to be closed and for sale. We looked around the property for a while, but nothing was open and not a whole lot to see. At least we got to see the house of bones. We headed back home. On the way we stopped at a old town called Bosler. It's a town mostly deserted with old houses that somehow stay standing in the big Laramie winds. When we got back into town we decided to head back to the ranch. The boys spent the next 3 or 4 hours having a blast on the ranch. There are thousands of different types rocks to sift though. We continued to build the Mowers large rock formation. (Top picture) The boys built their own rock formations. We played around the ranch until sunset. What a day! The next day we had to start heading back to Denver. On the way back we stopped and saw the Ames Monument. These two brothers were instrumental in creating and building the Trans Continental Railroad. Right across the road from the Ames Monument was the highlight of our day, Vedauwoo National Park. This is a beautiful camp ground with hiking trails and huge rock formations. We spent about 3 or 4 hours hiking through the trails and bouldering on some huge rocks. The trail eventually led us to a large pond covered with green reeds, tall pine trees and tall grass. We travelled on, looking at all the beautiful sites for a while, but then had to turn back. Some of these rock formations were 80-100 feet tall. Some even taller. We had a lot of fun on our hike, but now it was time for our journey home. We got back to Denver with out any problems. We all had a fun trip.

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Lot 87: Wild Horse Ranch

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