Friday, September 12, 2008

Our Dog Amber (Born July 9th 2008)

On September 5th, 2008 our dog's foster mom brought Amber to our house for a house check. Amber is now 9 weeks old and loves to get into things. When we first got her home, we let her have the run of the house. That quickly ended when Amber left her deposits in every room possible. We decided to only let her have use of the family room, so we could keep an eye on her. Since she was so small, she could easily get under the baby gate. She even made it through some of the vertical slats. (Please hurry up and get bigger!) I put some cardboard up so she couldn't get through...but the little devil made it out anyway. I think we've finally got it so she can't really get out.

It's been some time since we've done potty training with a dog. Pups at this age just love to pee and poop everywhere. We've been told by just about everybody that crate training is the only way to go. Instinctively, they won't potty in their den/crate. I didn't like the idea at first, but now I'm glad we did it. The first night was probably the hardest. Amber missed her brothers and sisters and this was a whole new place to get used to. She cried for a while, but when the light went out, she went down and fell right asleep. I think we got up 6 times that night. Since the second night, (knock on wood) she hasn't had an accident in her den. But I've been getting up with her 2-4 times a night to take her potty. She still will have an accident in the family room, if we lose track of time, but I think she's starting to get it.

During part of the day, she will sleep behind the small of my back in my chair. (I wonder how long that will last??) Every couple of hours I take a break and go outside to get a little exercise. By the end of the day, she's tired of sleeping and starts getting into trouble. What ever wires or things she can chew on she will. She has plenty of toys, but the good stuff is connected to computers.

Other than being a little tired from getting up during the night, she's a blast to have around. She and the boys just love playing with each other. Be sure to scroll down a few posts to see what she looked like at 5 weeks old. Anyway, that's enough for now, I hope you enjoyed the pics.

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