Sunday, January 25, 2009

Mowers Family Update

I wanted to catch everybody up on couple of things we've been doing. Last Monday Zack, Trent, Matt, Amber, and I went on a hike to a hilly area by our house. There is an old abandoned avocado farm there. It will soon be turned into a business park, so I wanted to take the boys there before it's gone. They all loved the trip including Amber. She loved getting all those cool smells. This was also a great way to release some extra energy. I was even able to cut off a small avocado limb to graft on to our current avocado tree. Since this is my first graft, I hope it takes.

Today I lowered our basketball hoop so we could all dunk. No I did not dunk on the regulation 10 foot hoop, but the old man did get up to 9 feet. Zack and Trent were enjoying dunking on the 6 foot rim.

Me Dunking!

Zack Dunking

Here is a video of Matt riding his red bike and the boys on the court.

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