Friday, December 19, 2008

Real Winter Storm Blasts Southern California

Friday, December 19th 2008--

This week we were hit by an actual winter storm. After this weeks rain, we accrued almost three inches of rain and had some of the coldest temperatures in a while. When I woke up Thursday morning and looked out the window, I was amazed at how much snow had fallen on our local Santa Ana Mountains. Usually the snow melts quickly or the Mountain is covered by clouds, but not today. Saddleback Mountain was blanketed with a layer of snow. So much so, that I went out and snapped a few shots. Most of the time, when snow falls on Saddleback, it's gone in a day or so. But the temperatures here are still really least for Southern California standards. The last few nights low temperatures were in the upper 30's and the temperatures during the day struggled to get out of the 40's. Not only is it really cold for us, but we also got some much need rain. So far this '08 season, we've received 4.66 inches of rain. All last year we received 11.12 inches of rain. Currently we are 1.67 inches ahead of last year at the same time. And we are expecting more next week.

This last shot I took looking out our window facing north. It over-looks Redrock Canyon in the foreground, and the Santa Ana Mountains in the background.

Have a blessed and Happy Holiday Season!

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