Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Family Update

It's been almost 2 years since I've made an entry so thought it would be a good time to put up some pictures and give you an update.

We've been plugging along since my last update in 2013.  The boys are about to start school.  Zack is going to be a sophomore, Trent is going to be a freshman, and Matt is going into 4th grade.  All the boys are playing basketball.  Matt will be playing again at 5onFive 10U team that I am coaching. Trent will be playing on the Freshman A team at Trabuco Hills HS., and Zack is a returning Varsity player at THHS.

After basketball season, we enjoyed a two-week vacation to our vacation house is Havasu.  We also visited Lake Mead to see the water level during our extended drought.  Zack, Matt, and I went to Vegas for his basketball tournament finale; while Stef stayed home with Trent so he could participate in his tournament.  With school, basketball and work...we've all been pretty busy!  Below are some pictures from our adventures.

Lake Havasu Sunset 2015

Matt 9u 
Matt against SGV

Matt going up

Alibi pool
Alibi front yard

Zack and Me on Maui
Zack played in Maui as a Freshman

Local Snow
Silverado Cyn.

Even snowed at our house

In Rhino in Havasu

Me taking pics
Stef and me on the boat

Stef on "Don't Tell Mom"


Zack taking sunset pics
Trent taking sunset pics

The Rhino on "The Island"
Matt and me on a walk

Matt w/ Championship Trophy
Matt 8u game

Thugs in Vegas
Me coaching Matt's team

Vegas NBA Summer League
Walking in Vegas

Before getting kicked out of Wynn for taking picture of  Lebron James

Stef and Me Havasu
Havasu 2015

Too cool!

Copper Cyn in Havasu
Copper Cyn in Havasu

Lake Mead Aug. 2015

Lake Mead Aug. 2015
Lake Mead Aug. 2015

Straws showing Lake Mead Aug. 2015

Straws out of water Lake Mead Aug. 2015

Lake Mead Aug. 2015
Lake Mead August 2015

Pirates Cove
Cattail Cove

The Channel, Havasu
Another Havasu Sunset

Zack Varsity

Zack Varsity

Zack Varsity

Trent Fresh. Summer League

Trent Fresh. Summer League
Trent Fresh. Summer League

Matt and me at SDSU

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