Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Santiago Peak Hike 2015

August 29, 2015

Saddleback hike via Maple Springs

The Beginning
It was Matt's time for Santiago Peak hike summit.  It's actually been 5 years, almost to the day that Zack, Trent, and I did the same hike. Zack and I did it two years before that in August 2008.  Now it's Matt's turn.  We picked a day that was very hot.  It was 99 degrees during the day in the valley below.  I'm not sure how hot it was on the mountain, but I tell was hot all day long.

We got up again at 4 am and started hiking before sunrise at 5:51 am.  We seem to be making good time but the hours of walking were taking a toll on our bodies.  But in the mean time, we were seeing some beautiful scenery.  The following are some pictures from our day.
The Scenery

Irvine Lake
The long and winding road to the summit

South Orange County

Lunch Time

Lunch Time

Taking a break at the top
At The Top

At the Top
At the top

View of O.C.

Overlooking OC from the top

The view

Islands in the back ground

The view

Taken from the actual peak

Heading down

By the end we were exhausted, but it was an awesome hike!  It took us 12 hours and 51 minutes round trip. My Fitbit read 29+ miles of hiking that day.  The next day Zack and I were sore, but Matt was fine.  Below is a a link to a video summary of our day!  Enjoy.

Video log of our day. Click here

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